Imagining a Trans* Epistemology: What Liberation Thinks Like in Postsecondary Education

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Postsecondary institutions of education, similar to the broader society in which they are embedded, are steeped in and further trans* oppression. In addition, the knowledge produced at these institutions is inflected with trans* oppression, and continues to reify the notion that trans* lives and experiences are abject, abnormal, unintelligible, and otherwise impossible. In this article, I build from the work of Patton, Brayboy, Delgado Bernal, and Spade to propose a trans* epistemology. In doing so, I discuss how this new epistemological stance helps educators unlearn the gender binary illogic in which they collude, thereby (re)shaping education as liberatory.

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JournalUrban Education
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StatePublished - Mar 2021
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  • epistemology
  • gender
  • postsecondary education
  • trans*
  • transgender

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