High-resolution near-infrared spectra of NGC 4151: Line and continuum analysis

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This paper presents new high-resolution near-infrared spectra of the Seyfert 1.5 galaxy NGC 4151. These spectra are the first high-resolution infrared spectra of this galaxy that span the region from 0.87 to 2.5 μm. Analysis of the extensive [Fe II] emission yields electron temperatures and densities consistent with 104 K and 104 cm-3 for the Fe II emission-line regions. The high ratio of [Fe II] emission to hydrogen indicates that the majority of Fe is in gaseous form. Analysis of the H2 emission indicates that the emission is proably shock excited and that the H2 lines have narrower emission-line widths than the observed [S III] narrow-line emission. NGC 4151 appears to have been in a state of high continuum and broad line flux during the observation period; therefore, the equivalent width of some of the narrow line components is lower than in previous observations.

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JournalAstrophysical Journal
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StatePublished - Jun 1 1995


  • Galaxies: ISM
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