High-resolution measurements of36Cl and D quadrupole coupling in CH2DCl and CD3Cl

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Hyperfine structure on J=1→0 transitions in CH2D 35Cl and CD335Cl was observed with a molecular-beam maser spectrometer. Splittings arising from deuteron quadrupole coupling were completely resolved for some transitions and partially resolved in others. The 35Cl quadrupole coupling along the C-Cl bond direction was eqzzQ = 74 687.3±0.5 kHz for CH2DCl and eq zzQ = 74 573.1±0.5 kHz for CD3Cl. This is a difference of 0.15% for the 35Cl quadrupole coupling in the C-Cl bond direction. The average deuterium quadrupole coupling strength was eq zzQ= 170.8±6.0 kHz. Calculation of hyperfine structure due to four quadrupole nuclei, three of which are equivalent, is discussed.

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JournalThe Journal of chemical physics
Issue number9
StatePublished - 1971

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