Joon Chang, W. D. Flannery, Yui Choy Chu, S. K. Kwok, Pauline Wong, J. A. Goguen, W. A. Burkhard, J. F. Nunamaker, W. C. Nylin, Benn Konsynski, Chander B. Ramchandani, Art Lew, Nirmal Jain

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The 168 papers comprising this volume deal with a wide spectrum of topics including computer aids to program verification, mathematical ecology, time-varying and distributed parameter systems, pattern recognition techniques, computer software, optimal control, ultra-reliable computer systems, communication theory, identification, switching and automata, estimation and filtering, biocybernetics, large-scale systems, multi-user channels, graphs and networktracking, and aerospace systems technology. Following is a list of titles and authors: Semantics-Directed Interpreter. By Joon Chang. Some New Semantic Methods. By W. D. Flannery. ALGOL-60 Program Verification. By Yui-Choy Chu. Automatic Verification of Programs Written in CDC 6400 Assembly Language. By S. K. Kwok. FORTRAN-Program Verifier Written in FORTRAN. By Pauline Wong. System Theory Concepts in Computer Science. By J. A. Gougen. Full Table Quadratic Quotient Scatter Table Searching. By W. A. Burkhard. Automatic Program Module Design and Optimization. By J. F. Nunamaker Jr. , W. C. Nylin Jr. and Benn Konsynski. Analytical Model for Memory Contention in Cache Memory Multiprocessor Systems. By Chander B. Ramchandani. Note on Pagination and Replacement Policies. By Art Lew and Nirmal Jain.

Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - 1973
EventHawaii Int Conf on Syst Sci, 6th, Proc - Honolulu, HI, Can
Duration: Jan 9 1973Jan 11 1973


ConferenceHawaii Int Conf on Syst Sci, 6th, Proc
CityHonolulu, HI, Can

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