Handbook of medieval studies: Terms - methods - trends

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CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title 2011! This interdisciplinary handbook provides extensive information about research in medieval studies and its most important results over the last decades. The handbook is a reference work which enables the readers to quickly and purposely gain insight into the important research discussions and to inform themselves about the current status of research in the field. The handbook consists of four parts. The first, large section offers articles on all of the main disciplines and discussions of the field. The second section presents articles on the key concepts of modern medieval studies and the debates therein. The third section is a lexicon of the most important text genres of the Middle Ages. The fourth section provides an international bio-bibliographical lexicon of the most prominent medievalists in all disciplines. A comprehensive bibliography rounds off the compendium. The result is a reference work which exhaustively documents the current status of research in medieval studies and brings the disciplines and experts of the field together. English-language interdisciplinary handbook of medieval research Thorough coverage of the fields of knowledge and discourse of the last 30 years Written by an international, interdisciplinary group of experts Aimed at a broad readership (literary scholars, philologists, historians) High potential on the international market Selected as "Outstanding Academic Title" by Choice Magazine.

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StatePublished - Nov 29 2010


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