Handbook of insomnia

Daniel J. Taylor, Philip Gehrman, Natalie D. Dautovich, Kenneth L. Lichstein, Christina S. McCrae

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Insomnia is the difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, including poor quality or quantity of sleep, often leading to impaired functioning and development of chronic sleep disturbances. Insomnia affects up to 50% of the general population globally, of which approximately 10% suffer from chronic insomnia. However, according to the National Sleep Foundation, less that 20% of patients with insomnia and related sleep disorders use a pharmacological intervention, highlighting a significant treatment gap. Handbook of Insomnia provides clinically-applicable insight into this condition, delving into the causes of insomnia, available and emerging treatment options and patient-centered guidelines for improving sleep hygiene and adopting successful lifestyle adjustments. This concise, fully illustrated handbook is the ideal resource for busy medical professionals and trainees with an interest in best-practice, evidence-based approaches to the management of insomnia and related sleep disorders.

Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherSpringer Healthcare
Number of pages66
ISBN (Electronic)9781907673733
ISBN (Print)9781907673726
StatePublished - Jan 1 2014
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