Ground vegetation net production in a Danish beech wood

Malcolm K. Hughes

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Biocontent of the above and below-ground parts of ground vegetation in a Danish beech forest was between 1685 and 3025 Kj/m2 (94.57 to 169.43g/m2). Net production as the difference between overall maximum and overall minimum biocontent was 1340 Kj/m2/yr (74.86g/m2/yr); as the sum of differences between species maximum and minimum 1832 Kj/m2/yr (111.49g/m2/yr); and as the sum of calculated losses to litter and biomass change 2759 Kj/m2/yr (160.05g/m2/yr). The data indicate that an estimate based on above ground parts alone would be one-third of those presented. Ground vegetation was a major contributor to litter production.

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StatePublished - Sep 1975

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