God, synchronicity, and postmaterialist psychology III: Additional real-life evidence and the higher power healing hypothesis

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Schwartz has reported in this journal 2 sets of extraordinarily improbable sequences of documented events implicating the possible role of spiritual mediation-including spirits of people who have died, in collaboration with the divine-in orchestrating complex, creative, and personally meaningful synchronicities in real life. The first reported synchronicity sequence of 11 individual events (Schwartz, 2014) directly related to Lisa Miller's invitation to submit an article to this journal. The second synchronicity sequence of 15 paired events (Schwartz, 2015) related again to Miller, since many of the paired events occurred during the period of time that the author was a visiting scholar at Columbia University's Spirituality Mind Body Institute's Summer Intensive Master's Degree Program directed by Miller. The present article was conceived during the process of the author completing proofs for the Schwartz (2015) article. Amazingly, the remarkable synchronicity sequence of 10 bee and buzz events he planned to report in this article (which originally occurred in 2011) was surprisingly replicated and extended as a second extraordinary synchronicity sequence of 18 bee and buzz events immediately following his inspiration to write the article about the first sequence. The combination of the 2 synchronicity sequences- followed by a related peacock sequence of synchronicities-provides (a) striking evidence for the possible validity of the role of spiritual love in the expression of meaningful synchronicities in real life and (b) the potential role of spiritually mediated synchronicities in healing and health.

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  • God
  • Postmaterialist psychology
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  • Synchronicity

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