God, synchronicity, and postmaterialist psychology II: Replication and extension of real-life evidence

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Do spirits (e.g., the souls of people who have "died") ever collaborate with the Divine (e.g., God, Source, Creator, the One Mind, the Great Spirit, Allah) for the purpose of orchestrating complex, creative, and personally meaningful synchronicities? In a previous paper, Schwartz (2014b) presented proof-of-concept real-life evidence for apparent involvement of God and synchronicities in the publication of the journal Spirituality in Clinical Practice. The synchronicities involved (a) Schwarz; (b) Lisa Miller, the coeditor of the journal; and (c) other individuals, including Martin Seligman, the author of the article "God Is at the End" in the inaugural issue of the journal (Seligman, 2014). The present replication and extension article was spontaneously envisioned just before Schwartz being a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University's Spirituality Mind Body Institute, Summer Intensive Master's Degree Program, directed by Miller. The proof-of-concept real-life evidence reported herein involved a collection of 15 synchronicities that occurred within a 13-day period; each synchronicity involved the highly improbable co-occurrences of "giraffes" and "Paris." These 2 items were chosen by Mr. D. (a pseudonym) just before his having 3 scheduled long-distance phone readings arranged by Schwartz concerning the death of his beloved mother; they represented his mother's favorite animal and city. The combination of 15 giraffe-Paris coincidence events was so timely, improbable, unexpected, and meaningful that they inspired the formulation of the spiritually transformative synchronicities (STSs) hypothesis and the hypothesis of a potential collaboration between spirits and the Divine.

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  • God
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