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Naica consists of at least 10 mantos and 40 chimneys that have produced over 15 million tons of ore with 10% Zn, 13% Pb and 13 oz/ton Ag. The ore occurs in thick-bedded, folded Cretaceous limestone. Fractures and 26 Ma old felsite dikes with an initial strontium isotopic ratio of 0. 708 localize the mineralization. The mantos follow the dikes and have abundant early skarn with manganohedenbergite, calcic garnet, idocrase, quartz, calcite, wollastonite, schellite and later sulfides. The chimneys arise from the mantos and change from silicate-rich to silicate-free sulfide limestone replacements. Carbon, oxygen and sulfur isotope data on carbonates, silicates, sulfides and sulfates are compatible with a single evolving (magmatic? ) fluid.

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StatePublished - 1985

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