Forbidden hugs in pandemic times: II. the luminous red nova variety: At 2020hat and at 2020kog

A. Pastorello, G. Valerin, M. Fraser, N. Elias-Rosa, S. Valenti, A. Reguitti, P. A. Mazzali, R. C. Amaro, J. E. Andrews, Y. Dong, J. Jencson, M. Lundquist, D. E. Reichart, D. J. Sand, S. Wyatt, S. J. Smartt, K. W. Smith, S. Srivastav, Y. Z. Cai, E. CappellaroS. Holmbo, A. Fiore, D. Jones, E. Kankare, E. Karamehmetoglu, P. Lundqvist, A. Morales-Garoffolo, T. M. Reynolds, M. D. Stritzinger, S. C. Williams, K. C. Chambers, T. J.L. De Boer, M. E. Huber, A. Rest, R. Wainscoat

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  • AT 2020hat and AT 2020kog light curves

    Pastorello, A. (Creator), Valerin, G. (Creator), Fraser, M. (Creator), Elias-Rosa, N. (Creator), Valenti, S. (Creator), Reguitti, A. (Creator), Mazzali, P. A. (Creator), Amaro, R. C. (Creator), Andrews, J. E. (Creator), Dong, Y. (Creator), Jencson, J. (Creator), Lundquist, M. (Creator), Reichart, D. E. (Creator), Sand, D. J. (Creator), Wyatt, S. (Creator), Smartt, S. J. (Creator), Smith, K. W. (Creator), Srivastav, S. (Creator), Cai, Y. (Creator), Cappellaro, E. (Creator), Holmbo, S. (Creator), Fiore, A. (Creator), Jones, D. (Creator), Kankare, E. (Creator), Karamehmetoglu, E. (Creator), Lundqvist, P. (Creator), Morales-Garoffolo, A. (Creator), Reynolds, T. M. (Creator), Stritzinger, M. D. (Creator), Williams, S. C. (Creator), Chambers, K. C. (Creator), De Boer, B. T. J. L. (Contributor), Huber, M. E. (Creator), Rest, A. (Creator), Wainscoat, R. (Creator), Fraser, M. (Creator), Valenti, S. (Creator), Sand, D. J. (Creator), Cai, Y. (Creator), Jones, D. (Creator) & Rest, A. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2021