FN approximation of the solution to a singular integral equation of classical reactor physics

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The iterated FN method is applied to a singular integral equation arising from a classical problem of reactor physics to determine the distribution of fissile material giving a spatially uniform flux. The FN iterations are accelerated toward convergence through the Wynn-ε algorithm - but first - Happy Birthday "Fast Eddie" Larsen Why do I refer to the well known, most proper and exquisitely accomplished Edward W. Larsen as "Fast Eddie". Well our story begins in a small back bar room in the lobby of one of Los Alamos' finest and most luxurious hotels. Two young men were having a transport theoretic discussion while they were engaged in a serious game of pool with monetary benefits going to the winner. In addition, the two were sipping their most favorite lavation in rather large quantities - one, a short stocky man with thinning hair, was sipping to forget the cost of his recent divorce, and the other, a shorter stockier man also with thinning hair, was drinking, well because he liked to drink and it just made him silly. As they continued their transport discussion, one stocky man turned to the other and said, "I wonder what "Fast Eddie" Larsen would say to our transport question". The other stocky man immediately thought the "Fast Eddie" reference was to Paul Newman who played "Fast Eddie", an expert at applied particle transport theory (a pool player) in the movie the Hustler and asked if indeed this was the case. The first stocky man said "No. I call everyone with the name Ed 'Fast Eddie' " - and that's the story of how "Fast Eddie" Larsen got his name. Happy 60th Ed and thanks for all the great transport theory - from one of your biggest fans.

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StatePublished - Nov 2004

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