R. E. Parkin, T. G. Marshall, D. S. Dhaliwal, J. G. Simes, H. C. So, M. C. Agarwal, A. S. Sedra, A. Kandel, T. A. Hamilton, C. Y. Kao, I. Navot, C. S. Burrus

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Following is a continuation of the list of titles and authors. Estimating Bounds on the Eigenvalues of the 'A' Matrix for Use in a Numeric Integration Scheme. by R. E. Parkin. Improvement of the Factors of a Polynomial or the Normal Form of a Hessenberg Matrix Without Complex Arithmetic. By T. G. Marshall, Jr. Computer Aided Design of Networks Using Time Domain Criterion. By D. S. Dhaliwal and J. G. Simes. Data Managment Programming System for Large Integrated Circuits. By H. C. So. Automated Design of Recursive Digital Filters. By M. C. Agarwal and A. S. Sedra. Application of (n,k,i) Automata Trees to the Study of Incomplete Specified Minimizations. By A. Kandel. Novel Application of a Gyrator Type Circuit. By T. A. Hamilton and A. S. Sedra. Analysis of Limit Cycles Due to Sign-Magnitude Truncation in Multiplication in Recursive Digital Filters. By C. Y. Kao. On the Element Values Problem of Chebycheff Filters with Arbitrary Patterns of Reflection Zeros. By I. Navot. Comparison of Block Processing Type Digital Filters. By C. S. Burrus.

Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - 1971

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