Field-Induced Spin–Density Waves and Dimensional Crossovers

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In this pedagogical and historical survey, we discuss how a discovery of a 2D → 1D dimensional crossover in a magnetic field by Gor’kov and Lebed and by Chaikin allows to explain an experimentally observed instability of a metallic phase with respect to a formation of the Field-Induced Spin-Density-Wave (FISDW) phases. We introduce a momentum quantization law and describe in details the physical meaning of the above mentioned phase transition as well as briefly review the most important theories and experiments. For the first time, we present an expression for a free energy of the FISDW sub-phases, which is valid not only in the vicinity of the phase transitions but also at arbitrary low temperatures. It allows to explain such still not well understood phenomena as the first order type of phase transitions between the different FISDW sub-phases and the non-trivial pressure and magnetic field dependences of the FISDW phase diagrams at low temperatures.

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  • Dimensional Crossover
  • Metallic Phase
  • Nest Condition
  • Phase Transition Line
  • Quantum Mechanical Problem

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