Fabric Phase Sorptive Extraction - A Metabolomic Preprocessing Approach for Ionizing Radiation Exposure Assessment

Alexandra Taraboletti, Maryam Goudarzi, Abuzar Kabir, Bo Hyun Moon, Evagelia C. Laiakis, Jerome Lacombe, Pelagie Ake, Sueoka Shoishiro, David Brenner, Albert J. Fornace, Frederic Zenhausern

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The modern application of mass spectrometry-based metabolomics to the field of radiation assessment and biodosimetry has allowed for the development of prompt biomarker screenings for radiation exposure. Our previous work on radiation assessment, in easily accessible biofluids (such as urine, blood, saliva), has revealed unique metabolic perturbations in response to radiation quality, dose, and dose rate. Nevertheless, the employment of swift injury assessment in the case of a radiological disaster still remains a challenge as current sample processing can be time consuming and cause sample degradation. To address these concerns, we report a metabolomics workflow using a mass spectrometry-compatible fabric phase sorptive extraction (FPSE) technique. FPSE employs a matrix coated with sol-gel poly(caprolactone-b-dimethylsiloxane-b-caprolactone) that binds both polar and nonpolar metabolites in whole blood, eliminating serum processing steps. We confirm that the FPSE preparation technique combined with liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry can distinguish radiation exposure markers such as taurine, carnitine, arachidonic acid, α-linolenic acid, and oleic acid found 24 h after 8 Gy irradiation. We also note the effect of different membrane fibers on both metabolite extraction efficiency and the temporal stabilization of metabolites in whole blood at room temperature. These findings suggest that the FPSE approach could work in future technology to triage irradiated individuals accurately, via biomarker screening, by providing a novel method to stabilize biofluids between collection and sample analysis.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)3020-3031
Number of pages12
JournalJournal of Proteome Research
Issue number8
StatePublished - Aug 2 2019


  • biodosimetry
  • extraction
  • fabric phase sorptive extraction
  • metabolite stability
  • metabolomics
  • radiation
  • untargeted metabolomics
  • whole blood extraction

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  • Biochemistry


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