Expanding the utilization of sustainable plant products in aquafeeds: A review

Delbert M. Gatlin, Frederic T. Barrows, Paul Brown, Konrad Dabrowski, T. Gibson Gaylord, Ronald W. Hardy, Eliot Herman, Gongshe Hu, Åshild Krogdahl, Richard Nelson, Kenneth Overturf, Michael Rust, Wendy Sealey, Denise Skonberg, Edward J. Souza, David Stone, Rich Wilson, Eve Wurtele

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Continued growth and intensification of aquaculture production depends upon the development of sustainable protein sources to replace fish meal in aquafeeds. This document reviews various plant feedstuffs, which currently are or potentially may be incorporated into aquafeeds to support the sustainable production of various fish species in aquaculture. The plant feedstuffs considered include oilseeds, legumes and cereal grains, which traditionally have been used as protein or energy concentrates as well as novel products developed through various processing technologies. The nutritional composition of these various feedstuffs are considered along with the presence of any bioactive compounds that may positively or negatively affect the target organism. Lipid composition of these feedstuffs is not specifically considered although it is recognized that incorporating lipid supplements in aquafeeds to achieve proper fatty acid profiles to meet the metabolic requirements of fish and maximize human health benefits are important aspects. Specific strategies and techniques to optimize the nutritional composition of plant feedstuffs and limit potentially adverse effects of bioactive compounds are also described. Such information will provide a foundation for developing strategic research plans for increasing the use of plant feedstuffs in aquaculture to reduce dependence of animal feedstuffs and thereby enhance the sustainability of aquaculture.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)551-579
Number of pages29
JournalAquaculture Research
Issue number6
StatePublished - Apr 2007


  • Alternative proteins
  • Plant proteins
  • Sustainable aquafeeds

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  • Aquatic Science


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