Everyday memory in individuals with Down syndrome: Validation of the Observer Memory Questionnaire–Parent Form

Goffredina Spanò, Jamie Ogline Edgin

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The memory profile of individuals with Down syndrome (DS) has mainly been examined through traditional laboratory tasks, often revealing substantial deficits in episodic and declarative memory. Little is known about the relation between memory abilities as measured in the laboratory versus naturalistic settings in this population, and no questionnaire assessments of everyday memory have been formally validated for this group. The current study’s aims were twofold: 1) to describe the psychometric characteristics of a parent-reported everyday memory measure (the Observer Memory Questionnaire–Parent Form, OMQ-PF) in this population with known hippocampal and memory impairment (i.e., DS, ages 7–35 years), and 2) to determine if the measure has the sensitivity to detect impairments, thus providing some of the first data to document parent reports of everyday memory in individuals with DS. The results indicate that this scale is a reliable instrument for detecting and tracking memory deficits over time in this population. We found a correlation between parent reports of everyday memory difficulties and well-replicated deficits in a laboratory-based memory task (i.e., place–object paired associates learning). Our results suggest that the OMQ-PF has the potential to be used as a tool to help to track the status of memory function in this group both for use in descriptive studies and in studies of behavior and pharmacological intervention.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)523-535
Number of pages13
JournalChild Neuropsychology
Issue number5
StatePublished - Jul 4 2017


  • Down syndrome
  • caregiver report
  • everyday memory
  • laboratory memory tasks
  • questionnaire

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