Erratum: Gaussian profile estimation in one dimension (Applied Optics (2007) 46 (5374–5383) DOI: 10.1364/AO.46.005374)

Nathan Hagen, Matthew Kupinski, Eustace L. Dereniak

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In our original paper [1], the caption of Fig. 1 states that the amplitude parameter used to generate the figure is A = 100. However, the peak of the Gaussian profile clearly extends to 200, so the caption is in error. The model for generating this figure uses A = 200. In addition, the paper refers to A as the “peak amplitude”. However, a look through the various equations throughout the paper shows that the units of the detection variableg correspond to A multiplied to dx . Since dx is the pixel width (in units of, say, microns), the units of A must therefore be the detection variablevolts, irradiance, unitless, etc., depending on the detection system) divided by length. This change extends to the use of A in all of the paper equations and corrects the units in the variance equations but does not affect any of the paper conclusions.

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JournalApplied optics
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StatePublished - Jun 1 2022

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