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The first edition of the Encyclopedia of Optical and Photonic Engineering provided a valuable reference concerning devices or systems that generate, transmit, measure, or detect light, and to a lesser degree, the basic interaction of light and matter. This Second Edition not only reflects the changes in optical and photonic engineering that have occurred since the first edition was published, but also: Boasts a wealth of new material, expanding the encyclopedia’s length by 25 percent Contains extensive updates, with significant revisions made throughout the text Features contributions from engineers and scientists leading the fields of optics and photonics today With the addition of a second editor, the Encyclopedia of Optical and Photonic Engineering, Second Edition offers a balanced and up-to-date look at the fundamentals of a diverse portfolio of technologies and discoveries in areas ranging from x-ray optics to photon entanglement and beyond. This edition’s release corresponds nicely with the United Nations General Assembly’s declaration of 2015 as the International Year of Light, working in tandem to raise awareness about light’s important role in the modern world.

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