Diameters and albedos of thirty-six asteroids

Robert Hamilton Brown, David Morrison

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Radiometric diameters and albedos of 36 asteroids, most previously unmeasured by this technique, are reported. These objects were selected primarily to resolve taxonomic ambiguities resulting from the lack of albedo information. Of the sample of 36, most are of the common types C, S, and M, but also represented are types A, D, F, and P. One object, 214 Aschera, is of the rare E type (only the fourth of its kind known); 87 Sylvia is the largest known member of the P class; and albedo combined with Arizona eight-color data from Tholen (1983, Asteroid Taxonomy from Cluster Analysis of Photometry: Implications for Origin and Evolution of the Asteroid Belt. PhD dissertation, University of Arizona, Tucson) indicate that 336 Lacadiera is of type D, one of the few members of this class found in the main asteroid belt, and a prime candidate for future space missions.

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StatePublished - Jul 1984
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