Design and initial enrollment in the Vascular Physicians Offer and Report (VAPOR) trial

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Although patient smoking cessation is a key priority for vascular surgeons, significant variation exists in the manner in which vascular surgeons address this key process of care. We describe a multicenter, cluster-randomized trial that compares a standardized, brief smoking cessation intervention to usual care for patients facing vascular surgery or endovascular interventions. Eight centers were randomized to provide usual care for smoking cessation or a standardized protocol consisting of (1) physician "very brief advice" to stop smoking, (2) offering nicotine replacement therapy, and (3) referral to a phone-based counseling service. Trial enrollment began on September 1, 2014. At present, 142 patients had been enrolled in the trial across eight sites. Compared with patients in the usual care arm, patients enrolled in the smoking cessation intervention arm were more likely to receive physician advice (98% vs 77%), a prescription for nicotine replacement therapy (77% vs 13%), and quitline referral (93% vs 33%; all P <.001). Although final results of the intervention on smoking cessation rates are still forthcoming, surgeon delivery of a brief, evidence-based smoking cessation intervention appears feasible for patients facing invasive vascular care.

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JournalJournal of vascular surgery
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StatePublished - Apr 1 2016
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