De furore Britannico: The Rosicrucian manifestos in Britain

Thomas Willard

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The Rosicrucian manifestos of 1614-1615 were published in England in 1652, based on a translation that circulated foratleast twenty years in manuscript copies in Englandand Scotland. The manifestos were introduced in apreface by the Welsh alchemist Thomas Vaughan (1623-1666), who had published a series of short books on aspects of alchemy and esoteric knowledge. Ignoring the radical religious and political overtones of the Rosicrucian message developed in Germany, Vaughan emphasized the limitations of European science and the power of the learning that Christian Rosenkreuz was said to have brought from the Arab world. He concentrated on the Rosicrucians' 'physical work' in alchemy, but he understood it as having implications for beyond the physical world in the celestial and supercelestial worlds.

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  • Alchemy
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  • Vaughan

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