Curvature of Poisson pencils in dimension three

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A Poisson pencil is called flat if all brackets of the pencil can be simultaneously locally brought to a constant form. Given a Poisson pencil on a 3-manifold, we study under which conditions it is flat. Since the works of Gelfand and Zakharevich, it is known that a pencil is flat if and only if the associated Veronese web is trivial. We suggest a simpler obstruction to flatness, which we call the curvature form of a Poisson pencil. This form can be defined in two ways: either via the Blaschke curvature form of the associated web, or via the Ricci tensor of a connection compatible with the pencil.We show that the curvature form of a Poisson pencil can be given by a simple explicit formula. This allows us to study flatness of linear pencils on three-dimensional Lie algebras, in particular those related to the argument translation method. Many of them appear to be non-flat.

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JournalDifferential Geometry and its Application
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StatePublished - Oct 2013

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