Culture and Networks

Ronald L Breiger, Kyle Puetz

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Changing conceptions within the sociology of culture and in the research community of social network analysts have led to the development of a new specialty area, research at the intersection of culture and networks. The new research entails a rethinking both of the kinds of actors and actions that takes place in networks, and of the connections among actors that are relevant. This article emphasizes conversations, objections, and ongoing concerns within this evolving research specialty as well as research accomplishments.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationInternational Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences: Second Edition
PublisherElsevier Inc.
Number of pages6
ISBN (Electronic)9780080970875
ISBN (Print)9780080970868
StatePublished - Mar 26 2015


  • Culture
  • Duality of culture and structure
  • Narrative networks
  • Negative ties
  • Practice theory
  • Social networks

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