Cryosurgery of the monkey (macaque) prostate. II. Apparent immunopathologic alterations following cryostimulation

Richard J. Ablin, Krishna P. Reddy

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Previous investigation of the development of humoral immunologic responsiveness following cryostimulation of the monkey prostate up to 30 days postoperatively disclosed low to modest titres of antibodies to prostatic tissue antigens. In the present study, the possible occurrence and predominance of a cellular response and its ensuing immunopathologic effects on the prostate and other accessory sexual glands of these animals, not initially examined, together with further serologic evaluation and correlation of this cellular response with the presence of antiprostatic antibodies, has been made 41 to 90 days following freezing. A reduction in the size of the prostate observed following freezing was accompanied by what were suggestive of immunopathologic alterations. Alterations occurred principally in the caudal lobe, and were characterized by what appeared to be specific periacinar foci of lymphocytic infiltrates. These lymphocytes were observed to infiltrate onto the acinar epithelial cells with subsequent separation of epithelial cells from the basal lamina and epithelial cell destruction. Other observed alterations in the prostate consisting of stromal fibrosis, periodic presence of inflammatory cells, proliferation of regenerating glands, and squamous metaplasia were in consonance with previous histologic studies of the prostate following cryosurgery by others. Antiprostatic antibodies were present in only one of the seven animals evaluated at the time which these observations were made. The present preliminary observations provide evidence suggestive of the development of a specific cellular immunologic response following cryosurgery of the prostate. Fending confirmation of the study of a larger series of animals, these observations may be of potential significance in providing an explanation of reported cases of eradication of human prostatic carcinomas following cryotherapy.

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StatePublished - Apr 1977
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