Coupled models for the hydrological cycle: Integrating atmosphere, biosphere, and pedosphere

Axel Bronstert, Pavel Kabat, Jesus Carrera, Sabine Lütkemeier, Elena Abarca, Ramón Arandes, Lawrence E. Band, Luis A. Bastidas, Mike Bonell, Thomas N. Chase, Martin Claussen, Victor N. Demidov, Bas Eickhout, Andrey Ganopolski, Alexander N. Gelfan, Alexander Georgiadi, Lars Gottschalk, Sven Erik Gryning, Forrest G. Hall, Sven HalldinEkkehard Holzbecher, Ronald W.A. Hutjes, Annekathrin Jaeger, Maarten S. Krol, Lev S. Kuchment, George Leavesley, Rik Leemans, Glen E. Liston, Walter A. Lyons, Curtis H. Marshall, Nicole Mölders, Yuri G. Motovilov, Roger A. Pielke, Xavier Sánchez-Vila, Jim Shuttleworth, Everett P. Springer, Louis T. Steyaert, Christina L. Tague, Oleg F. Vasiliev, Enric Vázquez-Suñé, Pier Luigi Vidale, Robert L. Walko

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Hydrologists, climatologists, soil scientists and environmental engineers are frequently asked to analyse complex environmental problems. It is becoming increasingly apparent that these problems usually involve feedbacks between atmospheric, ecological, and hydrological systems, as well as human society. It is often the feedbacks between systems that are of greatest interest because they may produce unanticipated responses. That is why coupling of different compartments of the Earth system has emerged as a general challenge to the modelling community. This book considers an array of state-of-the-art coupling and modelling concepts. First the relevant Earth system cycles are presented, followed by a discussion on scale issues and multiple equilibria. Inter- and intra-compartmental coupling is addressed, along with a debate on non-linearities and questions of parameterisation. Several applications are presented, where a focus is on cases where the hydrological cycle plays a central role.

Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherSpringer Berlin Heidelberg
Number of pages345
ISBN (Print)3540223711, 9783540223719
StatePublished - 2005

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