Constraining gamma-ray burst emission physics with extensive early-time, multiband follow-up

A. Cucchiara, S. B. Cenko, J. S. Bloom, A. Melandri, A. Morgan, S. Kobayashi, R. J. Smith, D. A. Perley, W. Li, J. L. Hora, R. L. Da Silva, J. X. Prochaska, P. A. Milne, N. R. Butler, B. Cobb, G. Worseck, C. G. Mundell, I. A. Steele, A. V. Filippenko, M. FumagalliC. R. Klein, A. Stephens, A. Bluck, R. Mason

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  • Multi-band photometry of GRB 110205A + 110213A

    Cucchiara, A. (Creator), Cenko, S. B. (Creator), Bloom, J. S. (Creator), Melandri, A. (Creator), Morgan, A. (Creator), Kobayashi, S. (Creator), Smith, R. J. (Creator), Perley, D. A. (Creator), Li, W. (Creator), Hora, J. L. (Creator), Da Silva, S. R. L. (Creator), Prochaska, J. X. (Creator), Milne, P. A. (Creator), Butler, N. R. (Creator), Cobb, B. (Creator), Worseck, G. (Creator), Mundell, C. G. (Creator), Steele, I. A. (Creator), Filippenko, A. V. (Creator), Fumagalli, M. (Creator), Klein, C. R. (Creator), Stephens, A. (Creator), Bluck, A. (Creator) & Mason, R. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2013