Ciprofloxacin iCIPROi Conntrations en lung tissue following a single 400 MG intravenous dose

Mary C. Birmingham, Ross L. Guanno, Linda G. Hejmanowski, Anita Shah, Alien H. Heller, David E. Nix

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Purpose: To determine the concentration of cipro in serum and lung tissue following a single -WO mg dose of cipro IV in pis undergoing lung surgery. Methods: 22 pis scheduled for lung surgery received a single 400 mg IV dose prior to surgery A specimen of healthy lung tissue was obtained from the resected lung specimen for cipro concentration. Timing of the infusions was adjusted so that lung tissue samples could be collected at the following intervalpost-infusion: 0-2. 2-t. 4-8. and 8-12 hrs. At the same time as the resection, a blood sample was obtained for eipro concentration. Results: Lung tissue samples were obtained in 18 pts (mean age = 61.6 years; 11 males, 7 females). The data that follow are the mean serum concentrations, lung tissue concentrations, and tissue/serum concentration ratios following the completion of administration of cipro: SamplingSerum Tissue Tissue/Serum Time (h) Pts (ug/mL) (ug/g) Ratio 0-2 5 2.37(1.46-4.75) 3.84(1.73-5.87) 1.70(1.1-2.3) 2-4 6 1.18(0.39-1.94) 1.92(1.20-2.88) 2.10(0.9-4.9) 4-8 4 0.69(0.57-0.82) 1.77(1.08-2.40) 2.67(1.3-3.3) 8-12 3 0.13(0.05-0.18) 0.67-(0.48-0.80) 7.11(3.2-13.7) Conclusions: Cipro distributes rapidly to the lung tissue as demonstrated by the high concentrations in the lung tissue as early as 2 hrs post-infusion. Concentrations in lung tissue were generally higher than concentrations in serum (the tissue/serum ratios were >1 in almost all cases). Additionally, the mean tissue concentrations found in this study would be greater than the MIC for most susceptible pathogens throughout the 12 hr dosing interval.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)A100
JournalCritical care medicine
Issue number1 SUPPL.
StatePublished - 1998

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