Characterization by monoclonal antibodies of a target cell antigen complex recognized by nonspecific cytotoxic cells

L. Jaso-Friedmann, D. L. Evans, C. C. Grant, A. St. John, D. T. Harris, H. S. Koren

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Fish nonspecific cytotoxic cells (NCC)3 recognize and lyse a large variety of human and mouse transformed cells. In an effort to determine the Ag recognized by NCC on these targets, mAb were raised against NC-37 target cells. Four anti-NC-37 mAb were chosen for further characterization based on their effects on NCC lysis of target cells. Purified mAb 18C2 and 1E7 (IgM isotype) inhibited NCC killing of the following targets: U937, MOLT-4, K562, HL-60, DAUDI, NC-37, P815, and YAC-1. The dose-dependent inhibitory activity occurred at the target cell level and ranged from 50 to 70% at a concentration of 50 μg/well when compared to noninhibitory mAb 7C6 and 1D4 (IgG isotype). Similarly, mAb 18C2 protected the fish parasite Tetrahymena pyriformis from lysis by NCC when compared to mAb 7C6. Adsorption experiments demonstrated that the inhibitory effect on NC-37 lysis by NCC could be removed in a titratable fashion by incubation of mAb 1E7 with any one of the other target cell lines, but it could not be removed by incubation with effector cells. The inhibitory activity of mAb 1E7 and 18C2 was shown to be caused by the inhibition of conjugate formation between effector and NC-37 target cells. The relative membrane concentration of the antigenic determinants recognized by these mAb on the target cells was studied by flow cytometry using FITC-labelled mAb. These experimenhts showed that all four mAb bound to the surface of the cells tested. Biochemical analysis with Western blots and immunoprecipitation showed that mAb 18C2 and 1E7 recognize two Ag in NC-37 lysates: a larger protein of around 80 kDa and a smaller one of 42 kDa.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2861-2868
Number of pages8
JournalJournal of Immunology
Issue number8
StatePublished - 1988

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