Camptothesome-based combination nanotherapeutic regimen for improved colorectal cancer immunochemotherapy

Zhiren Wang, Wenpan Li, Yanhao Jiang, Tuyen Ba Tran, Jinha Chung, Minhyeok Kim, Aaron James Scott, Jianqin Lu

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Camptothesome is a sphingomyelin-conjugated camptothecin (SM-CSS-CPT) nanovesicle that fortified the therapeutic delivery of CPT in diverse cancer types. To mitigate the Camptothesome-induced IDO1 negative feedback mechanism, we had co-encapsulated, indoximod (IND, IDO1 inhibitor) into Camptothesome using doxorubicin-derived IND (DOX-IND). To maximize the therapeutic potential of DOX-IND/Camptothesome, herein, we first dissected the synergistic drug ratio (DOX-IND/SM-CSS-CPT) via systematical in vitro screening. DOX-IND/Camptothesome with optimal drug ratio synchronized in vivo drug delivery with significantly higher tumor uptake compared to free drugs. This optimum DOX-IND/Camptothesome outperformed the combination of Camptothesome, Doxil and IND or other IDO1 inhibitors (BMS-986205 or epacadostat) in treating mice bearing late-stage MC38 tumors, and combination with immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) enabled it to eradicate 60 % of large tumors. Further, this optimized co-delivery Camptothesome beat Folfox and Folfiri, two first-line combination chemotherapies for colorectal cancer in antitumor efficacy and exhibited no side effects as compared to the severe systemic toxicities associated with Folfox and Folfiri. Finally, we demonstrated that the synergistic DOX-IND/Camptothesome was superior to the combined use of Onivyde + Doxil + IND in curbing the advanced orthotopic CT26-Luc tumors and eliminated 40 % tumors with complete metastasis remission when cooperated with ICB, eliciting stronger anti-CRC immune responses and greater reversal of immunosuppression. These results corroborated that with precise optimal synergistic drug ratio, the therapeutic potential of DOX-IND/Camptothesome can be fully unleased, which warrants further clinical investigation to benefit the cancer patients.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number122477
StatePublished - Apr 2024


  • Camptothesome
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Immunochemotherapy
  • Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase
  • Indoximod

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