Business intelligence and analytics: From big data to big impact

Hsinchun Chen, Roger H.L. Chiang, Veda C. Storey

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Business intelligence and analytics (BI&A) has emerged as an important area of study for both practitioners and researchers, reflecting the magnitude and impact of data-related problems to be solved in contemporary business organizations. This introduction to the MIS Quarterly Special Issue on Business Intelligence Research first provides a framework that identifies the evolution, applications, and emerging research areas of BI&A. BI&A 1.0, BI&A 2.0, and BI&A 3.0 are defined and described in terms of their key characteristics and capabilities. Current research in BI&A is analyzed and challenges and opportunities associated with BI&A research and education are identified. We also report a bibliometric study of critical BI&A publications, researchers, and research topics based on more than a decade of related academic and industry publications. Finally, the six articles that comprise this special issue are introduced and characterized in terms of the proposed BI&A research framework.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1165-1188
Number of pages24
JournalMIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems
Issue number4
StatePublished - 2012


  • Big data analytics
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Web 2.0

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