Border irrigation: dimensionless runoff curves and reuse system design.

D. D. Fangmeier, Muluneh Yitayew

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This chapter contains dimensionless runoff curves for irrigation borders and presents optional design procedures for reuse systems. The curves are based on runoff volume defined as a percentage of the total water applied at the head of the border. In border irrigation, end of field runoff can be saved by installing a reuse system. Application efficiencies can then be improved from 55% to over 70%. Field measurements of runoff are difficult due to the large number of variables, the most important one being quality of runoff, but data can be obtained through use of mathematical models. One such model discussed in this chapter is a design procedure based on dimensionless runoff curves. (from paper)

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - 1988

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