Blunt traumatic esophageal injury: Unusual presentation and approach

Husham Abdulrahman, Ahmad Ajaj, Adam Shunni, Ayman El-Menyar, Amer Chaikhouni, Hassan Al-Thani, Rifat Latifi

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INTRODUCTION Blunt esophageal injury is extremely rare event. However, it is a potential morbid injury unless managed early. PRESENTATION OF CASE We report a rare case of blunt esophageal injury for a 28-year old male who presented with history of fall of heavy object over the right side of the chest. Diagnostic work up including chest X-ray, computerized tomography scans and gastrografin esophagogram revealed lower esophageal rupture. Right mini-thoracotomy with esophageal repair was performed. Postoperative course was uneventful. DISCUSSION The exact mechanism of blunt esophageal injury remains uncertain. This report described a unique location of esophageal rupture after blunt trauma that happened on the right side. Diagnosis of esophageal injury needs high index of suspicion and accurate diagnostic workup. CONCLUSION Prompt diagnosis and management are the key for better prognosis in patients with blunt esophageal injury.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)16-18
Number of pages3
JournalInternational Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2014


  • Blunt trauma
  • Esophageal injury
  • Fall of heavy object

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