Beyond words: A review of research on adolescents and multimodal composition

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This review synthesizes and critically interprets the empirical research on adolescents' multimodal composition practices across contexts. Along with presenting descriptive statistics characterizing the 76 studies reviewed (e.g., research designs, contexts, and types of multimodal products), qualitative coding revealed six main themes in research focusing on adolescents and multimodal composition. Sequenced according to prevalence, research has found that multimodal composition is: 1) engaging for adolescents, 2) a collaborative, social process, 3) particularly beneficial to "marginalized" adolescents, 4) involves overt instruction, 5) is scaffolded in a variety of ways, and 6) is a complex, recursive process. At a time when notions of composition are expanding-educators are trying to catch up and researchers have just begun to understand and theorize multimodal composition-this review offers a comprehensive look at what has been learned thus far and suggests implications for research and practice.

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Title of host publicationExploring Multimodal Composition and Digital Writing
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StatePublished - Jul 31 2013
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