Basic simulation models of phase tracking devices using MATLAB

William Tranter, Ratchaneekorn Thamvichai, Tamal Bose

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The Phase-Locked Loop (PLL), and many of the devices used for frequency and phase tracking, carrier and symbol synchronization, demodulation, and frequency synthesis, are fundamental building blocks in today's complex communications systems. It is therefore essential for both students and practicing communications engineers interested in the design and implementation of modern communication systems to understand and have insight into the behavior of these important and ubiquitous devices. Since the PLL behaves as a nonlinear device (at least during acquisition), computer simulation can be used to great advantage in gaining insight into the behavior of the PLL and the devices derived from the PLL. The purpose of this Synthesis Lecture is to provide basic theoretical analyses of the PLL and devices derived from the PLL and simulation models suitable for supplementing undergraduate and graduate courses in communications. The Synthesis Lecture is also suitable for self study by practicing engineers. A significant component of this book is a set of basic MATLAB-based simulations that illustrate the operating characteristics of PLL-based devices and enable the reader to investigate the impact of varying system parameters. Rather than providing a comprehensive treatment of the underlying theory of phase-locked loops, theoretical analyses are provided in sufficient detail in order to explain how simulations are developed. The references point to sources currently available that treat this subject in considerable technical depth and are suitable for additional study.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationBasic Simulation Models of Phase Tracking Devices Using MATLAB
EditorsWilliam H. Tranter
Number of pages136
StatePublished - 2010

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NameSynthesis Lectures on Communications
ISSN (Print)1932-1244
ISSN (Electronic)1932-1708


  • Costas PLL
  • PLL
  • PLL simulation
  • digital demodulation
  • frequency tracking
  • phase tracking
  • signal acquisition
  • signal tracking
  • synchronization

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