Asteroidal regoliths: what we do not know

D. S. McKay, T. D. Swindle, R. Greenberg

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Most of our knowledge of asteroidal regoliths is indirect. It comes primarily from extensive studies of the lunar regolith and meteorite regolith breccias, and from theroretical models which try to match some characteristics of these two types of samples. There is evidence that at least some were assembled in their present form more than 4Gyr ago. Also, since regoliths can change with time because of changes in the flux and velocity of impactors, the properties of meteorite breccias may not reflect those of modern asteroidal regoliths. In addition, some meteorite breccias may come from either accretional regoliths or the megaregoliths predicted to result from catastrophic disruption of an asteroid followed by re-accretion. -from Authors

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JournalUnknown Journal
StatePublished - 1989

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