An unfinished temple at the Classic Maya centre of Aguateca, Guatemala

Takeshi Inomata, Erick Ponciano, Oswaldo Chinchilla, Otto Román, Véronique Breuil-Martínez, Oscar Santos

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The authors demonstrate that a temple examined at the Classic Maya site of Aguateca, Guatemala, was still in the process of construction when it was attacked and abandoned at the beginning of the ninth century AD. Study of the ruin has provided valuable information on Maya building methods and processes, as well as guidance on how unfinished buildings may be identified.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)798-811
Number of pages14
Issue number302
StatePublished - Dec 2004


  • Aguateca
  • Collapse
  • Construction methods
  • Maya
  • Unfinished temple

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  • Archaeology
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