An overview of several formulations for multibody dynamics

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In this paper several formulations for automatic generation of the equations of motion for rigid and rigid-deformable multibody systems are reviewed. The rigid-body formulations are the body-coordinate formulation based on Newton-Euler equations, a non-conventional point-coordinate formulation where rigid bodies are represented as a collection of particles, and the joint coordinate formulation that employs relative coordinates between bodies. A transformation process based on velocity relations is described for easy transformation of one formulation into another. Finally, a brief overview of the equations of motion for deformable bodies in a multibody environment is presented.

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Title of host publicationProduct Engineering
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PublisherSpringer Netherlands
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StatePublished - 2005


  • body coordinates
  • deformable bodies
  • equations of motion
  • joint coordinates
  • multibody dynamics
  • point coordinates
  • rigid bodies

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