An Intersectional Technofeminist Framework for Community-Driven Technology Innovation

Ann Shivers-McNair, Laura Gonzales, Tetyana Zhyvotovska

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In this article, we describe the philosophy, objectives, and development of Multilingual User-Experience (Multilingual UX), a community-driven initiative for supporting technology innovation with marginalized communities. We highlight how community-based mentorship can guide innovative technology design through an intersectional technofeminist perspective. We begin with a discussion of the impetus for building this initiative before discussing how we are collaboratively designing a research center to facilitate technology design with and for marginalized communities. We both theorize and enact the intersectional technofeminist principles of our work by telling the story of our project with our collaborators and community partners, in the form of vignettes from a symposium. We conclude by looking ahead to our next steps and by offering strategies for intersectional technofeminist community building and technology innovation, in the hope that our experiences can be further developed and localized to support similar initiatives that highlight the value of feminist collaboration in technology design.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)43-54
Number of pages12
JournalComputers and Composition
StatePublished - Mar 2019


  • collaboration
  • community building
  • intersectional technofeminism
  • multilingual user experience
  • technology design

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