An interpersonal approach to classroom management: Strategies for improving student engagement

Heather A. Davis, Jessica J. Summers, Lauren M. Miller

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Presenting the psychology behind the best-managed classrooms Like having a hidden camera in other teachers' classrooms, An Interpersonal Approach to Classroom Management engages you from the start by contrasting how two teachers respond differently to common situations. The authors expertly bridge the gap between educational psychology and peer and student-teacher management from the perspectives of student engagement, classroom relationships, and teacher self regulation. Both current and prospective teachers will find helpful tools for engaging difficult students, managing challenging relationships, and handling conflict. Key topics include: Student behavioral, relational, and cognitive engagement in the learning process; Classroom structures that contribute to student engagement; The contribution of peer relationships to positive and negative behavior management; Strategies that help children learn to manage their own behavior; Connecting with students who are culturally and linguistically diverse This practitioner-friendly guide takes you on an enlightening journey that will help you manage by design rather than by default. The results—improved relationships and enhanced learning—will not just make a difference; they will make all the difference.

Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherCorwin Press, Inc.
Number of pages234
ISBN (Electronic)9781483387383
ISBN (Print)9781412986731
StatePublished - Jan 1 2012

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