Altered electroencephalography resting state network coherence in remitted MDD

Kimberly L. Ray, Nicholas R. Griffin, Jason Shumake, Alexandra Alario, John J.B. Allen, Christopher G. Beevers, David M. Schnyer

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Individuals with remitted depression are at greater risk for subsequent depression and therefore may provide a unique opportunity to understand the neurophysiological correlates underlying the risk of depression. Research has identified abnormal resting-state electroencephalography (EEG) power metrics and functional connectivity patterns associated with major depression, however little is known about these neural signatures in individuals with remitted depression. We investigate the spectral dynamics of 64-channel EEG surface power and source-estimated network connectivity during resting states in 37 individuals with depression, 56 with remitted depression, and 49 healthy adults that did not differ on age, education, and cognitive ability across theta, alpha, and beta frequencies. Average reference spectral EEG surface power analyses identified greater left and midfrontal theta in remitted depression compared to healthy adults. Using Network Based Statistics, we also demonstrate within and between network alterations in LORETA transformed EEG source-space coherence across the default mode, fronto-parietal, and salience networks where individuals with remitted depression exhibited enhanced coherence compared to those with depression, and healthy adults. This work builds upon our currently limited understanding of resting EEG connectivity in depression, and helps bridge the gap between aberrant EEG power and brain network connectivity dynamics in this disorder. Further, our unique examination of remitted depression relative to both healthy and depressed adults may be key to identifying brain-based biomarkers for those at high risk for future, or subsequent depression.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number148282
JournalBrain Research
StatePublished - May 1 2023


  • Coherence
  • Connectivity
  • Depression
  • EEG
  • MDD
  • Resting state

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  • Molecular Biology
  • Clinical Neurology
  • Developmental Biology


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