A remark on Ulrich and ACM bundles

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I show that on any smooth, projective ordinary curve of genus at least two and a projective embedding, there is a natural example of a stable Ulrich bundle for this embedding: namely the sheaf B X 1 of locally exact differentials twisted by O X (1) given by this embedding and in particular there exist ordinary varieties of any dimension which carry Ulrich bundles. In higher dimensions, assuming X is Frobenius split variety I show that B X 1 is an ACM bundle and if X is also a Calabi–Yau variety and p>2 then B X 1 is not a direct sum of line bundles. In particular I show that B X 1 is an ACM bundle on any ordinary Calabi–Yau variety. I also prove a characterization of projective varieties with trivial canonical bundle such that B X 1 is ACM (for some projective embedding datum): all such varieties are Frobenius split (with trivial canonical bundle).

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JournalJournal of Algebra
StatePublished - Jun 1 2019
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  • ACM bundles
  • Calabi–Yau variety
  • Frobenius split varieties
  • Ordinary varieties
  • Ulrich bundles

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