A note on the effect of material uncertainty on acoustic source localization error in anisotropic plates

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The uncertainty in material properties of an anisotropic plate may influence the acoustic source localization process undertaken for the plate. To study this effect of material uncertainty, the two moduli of elasticity of an orthotropic plate material are considered in this note as independent random variables and the propagation of this material uncertainty through the wave front shape-based acoustic source localization approach is investigated. Assuming lognormal probability distributions for the two random variables, several design points in lognormal spaces are picked using Latin Hypercube Sampling. Finite element analysis is performed for each design point to simulate the elastic wave propagation due to an acoustic event and wave front shape-based approach is applied to estimate the source location. The time-of-arrivals and source localization errors obtained for each design point are considered as separate response functions at that design point and regression kriging metamodels through the responses at the design points are constructed. Monte Carlo simulations are carried out using these metamodels to obtain the distribution parameters (i.e., ranges, means and standard deviations) of the time-of-arrivals and localization errors. A global sensitivity analysis is performed to estimate the effect of each random variable on the localization errors. It is observed that for lognormally distributed moduli of elasticity with same coefficients of variation, uncertainty in the modulus of elasticity in the major direction affects the source localization accuracy more compared to the uncertainty in the modulus of elasticity in the minor direction, particularly when the ellipse-based technique is used.

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Article number106623
StatePublished - Feb 2022


  • Acoustic source localization
  • Global sensitivity analysis
  • Material uncertainty
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Time-of-arrival
  • Wave front shape-based approach

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