A management system for foreign language tests

Robert Ariew

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Two of the more difficult and time-consuming problems facing the foreign language teacher is the preparation and administration of quizzes and examinations. Since testing is an integral part of teaching, the problem of designing and implementing accurate, valid examinations is a crucial one. Computers are known for their speed, accuracy and repeatability. The use of the computer solves several problems inherent in test preparation. One can, given a well designed program, relegate the tasks of item selection and the producing of duplicating masters to the computer. Of course, the test items must be entered on the machine originally and proof-read, but once the procedure is done, the computer becomes an ideal storage medium: editing the items is quickly and easily performed. And, since all test items are stored in one place, it is possible to improve the test quality (both by increasing the quality of the test items themselves and by reducing the number of typographical errors) through repeated use with students and the subsequent modification of the computers "item bank" based on the students' performance on the tests.

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JournalComputers and Education
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StatePublished - 1982
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