A highly accurate algorithm for the solution of the point kinetics equations

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Attempts to resolve the point kinetics equations (PKEs) describing nuclear reactor transients have been the subject of numerous articles and texts over the past 50 years. Some very innovative methods, such as the RTS (Reactor Transient Simulation) and CAC (Continuous Analytical Continuation) methods of G.R. Keepin and J. Vigil respectively, have been shown to be exceptionally useful. Recently however, several authors have developed methods they consider accurate without a clear basis for their assertion. In response, this presentation will establish a definitive set of benchmarks to enable those developing PKE methods to truthfully assess the degree of accuracy of their methods. Then, with these benchmarks, two recently published methods, found in this journal will be shown to be less accurate than claimed and a legacy method from 1984 will be confirmed.

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JournalAnnals of Nuclear Energy
StatePublished - 2013


  • Backward Euler finite difference
  • Convergence acceleration
  • Point kinetics equations
  • Romberg acceleration

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