A comparison of generalized and modified sample biserial correlation estimators

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In a recent paper, Bedrick derived the asymptotic distribution of Lord's modified sample biserial correlation estimator and studied its efficiency for bivariate normal populations. We present a more detailed examination of the properties of Lord's estimator and several competitors, including Brogden's estimator. We show that Lord's estimator is more efficient for three nonnormal distributions than a generalization of Pearson's sample biserial estimator. In addition, Lord's estimator is reasonably efficient relative to the maximum likelihood estimator for these distributions. These conclusions are consistent with Bedrick's results for the bivariate normal distribution. We also study the small sample bias and variance of Lord's estimator, and the coverage properties of several confidence interval estimates.

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StatePublished - Jun 1992
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  • asymptotic efficiency
  • biserial correlation
  • confidence interval
  • mixed continuous and discrete data

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