• Sligh, James E (PI)
  • Dagnino, Lina (PI)
  • Benn, Steven (PI)
  • King, Lloyd (PI)
  • Rojas, Mauricio (PI)
  • Aune, Thomas M. (PI)
  • Phillips, John Atlas (PI)
  • Reinisch, L.O.U. (PI)
  • Ellis, Darrel (PI)
  • Stricklin, George Putnam (PI)
  • Zic, John (PI)
  • Browning, Philip (PI)
  • Xiang, Gao (PI)
  • Prokop, Alex (PI)
  • Haselton, Frederick (PI)
  • Miller, Jami (PI)
  • Wang, Ming (PI)
  • Dempsey, Peter (PI)
  • Chiang, Chin (PI)
  • Daniel, Thomas O. (PI)
  • Zhao, Zhizhuang (PI)
  • Pozzi, Ambra (PI)
  • Ong, David (PI)
  • Opalenik, Susan Renee (PI)
  • Williams, Scott Matthew (PI)
  • Nanney, Lillian (PI)
  • Davidson, Jeffrey M. (PI)
  • McCawley, Lisa (PI)
  • Burnett, Patrick (PI)
  • Pientenpol, Jennifer (PI)
  • Tiller, George (PI)
  • Brash, Alan (PI)
  • Brandt, Stephen J. (PI)
  • Davidson, Mari (PI)
  • Keeney, Diane (PI)
  • Serra, Rosa (PI)
  • Gates, Ronald (PI)
  • Richmond, A.N.N. (PI)
  • Nanney, Lillian (PI)
  • Davidson, Jeffrey M. (PI)

Project: Research project

Grant Details


This application proposes the creation of a Skin Diseases Research Core
Center at Vanderbilt University and the Department of Veterans Affairs
Medical Center, Nashville. Skin related research at this institution has
been characterized by a broadly based, interdisciplinary effort featuring
collaborations with a number of Departments including Medicine
(Dermatology) Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Pharmacology and Surgery. The
theme of this proposal, "Extracellular Matrix, Cytokines and their
Receptors in Skin Diseases," represents the interests and expertise of
interacting, funded investigators performing skin related research in
Dermatology, Cell Biology, Pathology and Medicine. As the study of
cytokines becomes related to skin disorders, it has become apparent that
elucidating the role of cellular receptors is crucial as is gaining an
understanding of cellular responses in the context of their surrounding
connective tissue matrix. Research efforts are focused upon skin growth,
development and repair through studies of cellular proliferation,
migration, interactions with the connective tissue matrix and remodeling
of that matrix. Cutaneous concerns relevant to these efforts include
proliferative diseases such as psoriasis, benign and malignant neoplasms,
and wound healing. The objectives of this proposal are to encourage the
growth and development of skin related research by enhancing the
efficiency, interactins and productivity of its supporting funded
investigators; attract, guide and support novel research and investigators
new to skin related studies; and, facilitate the involvement of our
clinical trainees and faculty in skin research. To support this concept,
COREs in Tissue Culture, Tissue Analysis, Molecular Biology, and Animal
Modeling are proposed. A set of six Pilot & Feasibility programs present
innovative proposals, several by investigators new to skin research,
indicative of the resources available to dermatologic studies at this
Effective start/end date5/1/944/30/10


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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