• Davis, Thomas P (PI)
  • Phillips, Anthony (PI)
  • Koldovsky, Otakar (PI)
  • Lebouton, Albert (PI)
  • Philipps, A. (PI)
  • McCuskey, Robert (PI)

Project: Research project

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Program project support is requested for a coordinated, multidisciplinary
approach to investigate the role of milk-borne hormones and other active
biological substances for the neonate. Support is requested for scientific
projects and three cores (Morphological, Animal and Administrative). Three
projects deal with the fate and effects of milk-borne peptide hormones in
the suckling rats (Project #1. Role of Milk-Borne Somatostatin, PI: O.
Koldovsky; Project #2. Metabolism of Milk-Borne Peptides, PI: T.P. Davis;
and Project #5. Role of Nutrition and Milk-Borne Insulin-Like Growth
Factors, PI: A.F. Philipps). These studied peptide hormones have
important regulatory functions and may individually or collectively
modulate the sensitivity of the developing gastrointestinal tract to
necrotizing enterocolitis. Project #3. Role of Milk-Borne Carnitine, PI:
C.A. Flores, deals with the role of milk-borne carnitine, an important
factor in fat metabolism. Project #4. Role of Milk-Borne Biological
Substances, PI: R. McCuskey, evaluates the role of these substances on the
development of specific liver functions. These projects are supported by
the three cores. The proposed studies are basic in nature, and the
information derived will be applicable to a variety of normal and
pathological conditions. Studies have demonstrated that some of these
substances are absent in infant formulas, but present in human breast milk,
emphasizing the significance of the proposed studies.
Effective start/end date9/30/916/30/02


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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