• Kwoh, Chian K (PI)
  • Coulton, Claudia (PI)
  • Hull, Alan (PI)
  • Rosenthal, Gary (PI)
  • Kresina, Thomas (PI)
  • Milligan, Sharon (PI)
  • Mehraban, Fuad (PI)
  • Jentoft, Joyce (PI)
  • Magnus, Karen (PI)
  • Magnuson, Terry (PI)
  • Poncz, Louis (PI)
  • MacIntyre, Stephen (PI)
  • Snider, Martin (PI)
  • Rosner, Itzhak (PI)
  • Levine, Stephen (PI)
  • Haqqi, Tariq (PI)
  • Kammer, Gary (PI)
  • Samols, David (PI)
  • Leibman, Judith (PI)
  • Ballou, Stanley (PI)
  • Mulligan, Sharon (PI)
  • Blossey, Betty (PI)
  • Malemud, Charles (PI)
  • Hayneworth, Stephen (PI)
  • Lipton, Judith (PI)
  • King, Charles (PI)
  • Moskowitz, Roland (PI)
  • Ibrahim, Said (PI)
  • Johnstone, Brian (PI)
  • Gerken, Thomas (PI)
  • Singer, Nora (PI)
  • Stevenson, Sharon (PI)
  • Schork, Nicholas (PI)
  • Gilliam, Anita (PI)
  • Ballock, Robert Tracy (PI)
  • Medof, Melvin Edward (PI)
  • Jepsen, Karl (PI)
  • Kercher, Kyle (PI)
  • Hering, Thomas (PI)

Project: Research project

Grant Details


The long-term objectives of this proposal are: 1) to expand education of
health professionals, patients, families, and the general public; 2) to
develop, implement and evaluate prototype education/epidemiology/health
services research programs at a high level of scientific endeavor; and
3) to expand clinical and basic research efforts. Strong collaborative
interplays in medical sociology-oriented health services research will
represent an augmented focus of this Center. New proposed projects in
this area include studies of 1) buffers of the arthritis-disability
cascade in the old/old; and 2) caregiver well-being and physicians of
impaired elders. Four developmental and feasibility projects are
directed toward studies of 1) purification and cloning of a soluble form
of the chondrocyte interleukin-1 receptor; 2) structural/functional
domains of link protein; 3) distinctive phenotypic markers of human bone
marrow mesenchymal stem cells; and 4) molecular and cellular mechanisms
of decreased IgG galactosylation in rheumatoid arthritis. Core programs
include a Molecular Biology DNA Sequencing Core; and an Immunohisto-
chemistry Core. Administration includes administrative policy,
executive, steering (operations), community advisory, and national
external review committees to fully interdigitate
Center/University/community interface.
Effective start/end date12/1/786/30/03


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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