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Funds are requested to assist in the support of the 1994 Gordon Research
Conference on the Chemical Senses that will be held July 17-22 in
Plymouth, New Hampshire. Funds obtained from the NIDCD will be used to
defray partially the travel and meeting costs incurred by the invited
speakers, discussion headers, and chairpersons. In addition,
registration and travel scholarships are requested for young
investigators (postdocs and graduate students) with preference given to
minority applicants. The Conference will be focused on certain major
topics which are undergoing rapid technological and/or conceptual growth.
All of the invited speakers and discussion leads are experts in the field
of chemoreception or from ancillary fields. In contrast to other
meetings involving researchers of the chemical senses, such as the annual
meeting of the Association for Chemoreception Sciences, the upcoming
Gordon Research Conference on the Chemical Senses will be restrictive in
scope and in attendance to facilitate discussion of ideas and future
experiments. The need for a specialized national meeting in the Chemical
Senses reflects a recent tremendous growth in knowledge within the field
and a corresponding growth in the number of talented researchers devoting
themselves to problems of chemosensation. Our aim is to have an open
forum, offered uniquely by the Gordon Research Conference format, whereby
experts in the field can share their most recent findings, thoughts, and
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